Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's Playtime: Easy Experiments

I love science!  I don't do nearly enough science activities with my children.  We've watched tadpoles change....
and read about bugs and spiders.  I've made oil and water sensory bottles...
and we've grown plants, but that's really the extent of our science time.  It's not bad, but there is so much more out there that can be done!  On last week's It's Playtime, some great experiments were posted which I hope will push me to do more...and you too!  

There are so many fabulous science experiments with eggs!  Over at Sun Scholars, they made Rubber Eggs.  This simple science activity involves 3 household items and will give you a weeks worth of observation and hypothesizing.  Kids love to "wonder" what will happen!     

  Kids love bouncy balls!  Why not Make-Your-Own!  Come Together Kids posted about the fun they had creating their own bouncy balls, along with the recipe.  A perfect summer time activity! 

 Logan and Kalia's Blog posted several Fun things to do with glow sticks.  My favorite activity involved adding them in the bath.  I have a bunch of glow sticks laying around; why I haven't I thought of that?  A cool experiment for my list!  

  Toddlers need science too!  Gratefully Growing in Grace attempted to make toys fly using planes and fulcrums.  Of course, my son, being an energetic boy, would immediately jump on the plane launching his stuffed animal high into the air.  An experiment I'd love to do, but need strong materials for.  As for the little lady above, she seems perfectly content simply pushing on the plane to launch her animals.  

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