Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Forest Fiesta: Creating Forests in Our Yard

Sunday was one of those days.  One of those days where the kids wanted to play...loudly...indoors.  Finally I said, "That's it!  Time to go outside!"  My daughter knew we needed to work on our forest project to join in with the other Forest Fiesta blogs so she gave me the, "but mom!!!!!" whine.  I made the suggestion of creating a forest outside.  That worked!  We gathered up all the stuffed animals that were forest related and headed outdoors.

A few common forest creatures.
 Ariel finds a "cave" for her bear and adds another bunny.
A little forest magic!
                  Michael helps his sister by adding a frog.  Is that a squirrel hiding in the "trees"? 
 Ariel thinks carefully about where to put her "forest goddess".
 I think that snake found it's lunch!
 Can you spot all the different forest animals?  
 Ariel is proud of her 3D outdoor art!
More forest magic...Ariel called this the "goddess of the forest".  She is watching down on  the other animals...and Ariel took this photo! 

While my daughter created one type of forest, my son wanted to create a forest of "monkeys and gorillas."  So for him, we gathered together some jungle animals...
The purple monkey reminds me of the monkeys that live in the ruins on The Jungle Book.  
                             Is the tiger chasing the jaguar?  Michael adds a tree frog to his jungle.
The monkey and the frog play together.

Michael has this strange interest in chickens lately and fell in love with my rubber chicken from clowning.  He decided to "feed" it, then add it to his jungle...but far away from the jaguar and tiger.  

My kids had a good time creating their own forests.  Be sure to check out the linky at the bottom of this blog.  You'll find forests created by children from around the world!


  1. What a cute forest in the Yard with all the lovely creatures! Art when combined with outdoor play can be double the fun! Thank you Rachele for joining our Forest Fiesta!

  2. I know exactly the kind of day you are talking about. Moving outside is usually in our best interest. I love how your little ones took such care in placing the animals.

  3. Yay for imaginative play!! I am so glad you guys got to do it outside :) Love how ur kids played !!

  4. How fun! I know all to well that feeling you get when the kids just NEED to get outside and play. We're suffering from some record breaking temperatures and I'm being forced to take them outdoors BEFORE breakfast to make sure they get their time outdoors. It's proving to be a lot harder than I thought ... wish me luck

  5. We have a set of woods out back as well - they aren't exactly a forest but they sure helped me think of ways to introduce the forest!

  6. My daughter would love creating habitats for her stuffed animals. Wonderful!



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