Saturday, June 11, 2011

Do Something! Fun with Food!

It's the weekend!  Time to Do Something!  This week we are having fun fun with food.  Painting, cooking, playing, and having an all around good time with it.  So grab the kiddos and head to the kitchen because it's time to Do Something!

Marshmallows- Not Just for Eating: The Happy Home Fairy
A list of a list you might say.  The Happy Home Fairy put together a list of fantastic ideas for playing with marshmallows.  

Pudding Painting: A Teacher at Heart

Beach Bucket Cake: Sun Scholars 

Dinosaur Snacks: The Amazing Mess

Pudding Fingerpaint: The Seeds Network

Hairy Hotdogs: Quirky Momma

Make Your Own Gummy Candy: Pink and Green Mama

Stirring and Mixing: hands on: as we grow

Now you have permission to play with your food!  I hope you and your kids enjoy these food related ideas.  

Do you have an idea to share?  Feel free to let me know!  Leave a comment with your idea or link to one so I can check it out.  Maybe you'll be featured too in a future Do Something!  


  1. Those hairy hotdogs look interesting!! And that beach bucket cake will have to be incorporated into our lesson plans for summer camp! :-)

    Thanks for the mention! It's fun to let them play with food!

  2. Haha! I was wondering what 'food' fun we had :P How easily I forget about posts! That was one of my favorites too! Thanks so much for the feature Rachele! Fun roundup!

  3. This is a great collection of magical fun! It made me so happy to see Happy Home Fairy made your list! Thank you so much!



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