Friday, March 4, 2016

Fun with ChalkOla Chalk Markers

This is a product review.  I received two sets of ChalkOla Premium Wet Wipe Markers for free: one set of 10 Party Colors Bullet Tip (6 MM), and one set of 8 Jumbo Tip (15 MM) Platinum Series.  While I received these markers for free, this is an honest review of the product, which my children and I truly enjoyed.  This post contains product links and discount codes. 

I spotted ChalkOla Chalk Markers  back in December on Amazon while searching art supplies for my 3 year old.  They looked cool, but not what I wanted at the time.  I added them to my wish list, hoping someone else would pick them up for her for Christmas.  Lucky me, I was recently contacted by a representative that asked if I wanted to try them in exchange for a review if I liked them.  Who am I to pass up trying new things?

We were so excited when the package arrived.  My daughter wanted to try them out right away but I had to have time to prime them first.  This is the one downside with this sort of marker is the prep work before hand.  Each jumbo-tipped (15 MM) Chalk Marker takes about 2 minutes to prime before the ink begins to flow.  I found that it helped to do it at the table, one in each hand.  Once the chalk pens were primed, we needed to decide which surface we were going to play with first.  According to the packaging they are best used on:

  • Whiteboards
  • Windows
  • Mirrors
  • Plastics
  • Chalkboards
  • LED Boards
  • All Hard Non Porous Surfaces
I quickly decided the front windows were our first stop.  We have nice, low windows, perfect for kids to watch the rain or wipe their messy fingers.  This time they could create a masterpiece.


I've always wanted window markers and ChalkOla glide easily and the colors are vibrant.  The jumbo-tipped wet wipe markers are perfect for large surfaces.  These would be great for preschool windows as well as business.  They are quick-dry and long lasting, which is great if you plan to use seasonally.


My 3 year old has to turn every art project into a full body experiment.  Luckily for me, ChalkOla chalk pens are child safe, non-toxic, low odor, and water based.

We had no problem washing the chalk ink off her hands and (subsequently) her clothes (in the wash). And speaking of washing, the windows came clean easily as well.  My kids covered the windows in doodles and Chalk Marker (I mean a lot, like a rainbow threw-up on our windows), and in the end, all I needed was a wet cloth and a bit of Windex.  I imagine the average person would need a bit less, probably just Windex and some paper towels.

After I cleaned up their *ahem* art, I decorated for spring.  

"I'm making a giraffe"

Next we played with the ChalkOla Bullet Tip (6 MM) wet wipe markers which, of course, have a smaller head.  These are perfect for:
  • Whiteboards
  • Chalkboards
  • Ceramics
  • Plastics
  • Glass
  • Mirrors
  • All Hard Non Porous Surfaces
While we played with these at our easel, which has both a chalkboard and whiteboard, these vibrant, neon markers would be perfect for crafting and labeling.  In fact, ChalkOla has these really cool Chalkboard Labels which can be used on mason jars, cabinets, or for various craft projects per your imagination.  The nice people at ChalkOla sent me a set but I'm waiting for inspiration to hit before I use them.  I'm terribly disorganized and not much of a labeler so they will probably be used in some sort of craft project.  

Ok, so we had a lot of fun with the ChalkOla Chalk Markers.  It's something I can give my daughter to keep her busy while I cook, either at her easel or on our windows and the mess is minimal compared to paint.  It's possible the Leprechauns will decorate the kids' mirrored closets for St. Patrick's Day. In a preschool setting, teachers could use these for labeling or decorating windows for holidays or seasons.  Moms, these are perfect for crafting and labeling.  I have a few other ideas, but that's for another day, another post :)

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Have you tried ChalkOla wet wipe markers?  Leave me a comment below and tell me what you think!  


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