Monday, June 6, 2011

A Day With the Fairies

It's that time of year again in the U.S.  The grass is green, the flowers are in bloom, and fairies flutter in the garden.  Every year we attend a fairy festival at one of our local gardens.  It's a day of magic and beauty and enjoyment of the outdoors.  This year we enjoyed it with friends old and new.  Here is our outdoor adventure:

My daughter Ariel wanted to be a panda fairy.  She said she was the kind of fairy that watched over animals, specifically panda bears.  
My son Michael called himself a "Buzz Lightyear fairy".  He and his friend Eliza share a moment on the bridge.  

Audrey, Michael, and Eliza pose for a picture on a bench.  

One of the kids' favorite spots at Summers Past Farms is this little play house.  

 The fairy house becomes a little too crowded...

Eliza and Michael flutter off into the garden.

Ariel and her friend Moriah.  

This is one of the many gardens entered into the fairy garden contest.  The gardens I really wanted to photograph had tons of people surrounding them the entire time!  The contest is open to little kids through adults and judging is based upon 3 age groupings.  This garden was part of the adult group.  

Here is my self portrait.  Yes, I was a fairy too!  I even received the highest compliment, from my husband, who said I looked very pretty.  

This kid was too fast for my camera, but he was a little faun.  I think the boys have some of the most creative outfits.  I saw gnomes, elves, and cute little boy fairies.  And believe it or not, my son was not the only Buzz Lightyear!  

 Moriah informed me she was a water fairy...

Ariel and Moriah test the limits...

Beautiful fairies

We end our adventure with a snack picnic.  Such a beautiful day!

Fairy Festivals are not just something we have here in San Diego.  They are world wide!  I recommend googling "fairy festival" and looking for one in your area.  Some are free (like the one we attend) and some are not.  Either way, it's a wonderful time outdoors!  Even if you don't have a fairy festival in your area, you may have a local garden.  Take time to explore and support these gardens; they are a fantastic link to nature!  

June 24th is Fairy Day.  What will you do to celebrate?  

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