Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It's Playtime: Creative Play

At It's Playtime, we believe play can come in many forms: through art, through imagination, and through exploration.  It doesn't always take much work, in fact, I'd say in most cases it doesn't.  It's about thinking outside the box.  How do you turn a chore into play?  What can you create from an everyday item?  How can you change an old activity into something new and different?  Answering question like these leads to creative play.  Last week on It's Playtime, some of our friends and their kids shared how they play creatively so that you can too!  

 Stuffed animals can get really dirty and most require hand washing which is time consuming.  Instead of worrying about when you'll get around to cleaning those furry friends, why not allow your little helper to lend a hand?  Play Create Explore set up a Bathtime for the Stuffed Animals in their home, merging play with work.  Soap, water, and stuffed animals; what more could a little one ask for?  

Stuck inside on a rainy day or want an activity to play at night away from the TV?  Why not go on a safari with your Animal Spotlight?  A Little Learning for two shared this simple and creative animal hunting game using a flashlight (torch) and pictures printed from the internet or cut from old magazines.

What can you do with cardboard, miscellaneous containers, recyclables, fake flowers, and a calculator?  Let's Build a Flower Shop! of course!  Frugal Family Fun Blog put this bright play area together using dollar and thrift store items plus a little imagination.  

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