Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Leprechaun Tracks

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We thought we'd have some fun today and make some Leprechaun tracks...using Barbies!  To my dismay we were out of green paint so I decided to try and make some.  Here's my makeshift recipe:

Using 1/4 cup flour, gradually add water and mix until you reach the consistency you choose. Drop in desired amount of food and mix.

We put shoes on our girl Barbie so it wouldn't be just her toes.  Then the kids dipped their feet into the paint.

My daughter stamped the dolls feet onto the paper while my son made his do a crazy dance.

My daughter had her doll leap, walk, and hop.  

My son quickly moved onto painting with the doll's head.  

"Zombie Paint Monster!"

Then the kids added glitter...

and the Leprechaun tracks are complete!

Of course, painting with dolls can be done at any time during the year, the kids will have just as much fun.  It's always interesting for children to express themselves with different painting tools.  

What creative ways have you celebrated St. Patrick's Day?  Leave me a message below or on my Facebook page.  

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