Thursday, March 15, 2012

Building an (Easy) Leprechaun Trap

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Both at home and at school we've been talking a lot about Leprechauns.  My son still remembers his milk turning green last year and is hoping for it to happen again.  Several times we've read the book: 


In the book, the children create several different types of Leprechaun traps.  There are great illustrations to this fact.  So our preschool assignment (because we also read it there), was to create a Leprechaun trap and bring it to school to share.  My son was extremely excited about this project. Here's what we did...

 We recycled an old Cascade container.  I sized and glued green construction paper to the sides.

Michael used dot art markers and Roll-On Painters to decorate.  He also glued on (minimally) some gold stars and gold colored pasta.

I created the ladder from pipe cleaners and attached it to the sides.  Now the Leprechaun can climb in
to claim his treasure, but he can't get out!

My son glued in some gold stars to attract the Leprechaun.  He also said he added the glue in order to catch the Leprechaun.  "When he climbs in he'll stick to the glue".  

So we will see what happens at school.  Will we catch a Leprechaun and claim our pot of gold? Probably not.  But I'm sure there will be mischief, fun, and if we are lucky, chocolate coins.  

Have you built a Leprechaun Trap?  Share your creation with me on my Facebook page.  


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