Monday, November 7, 2011

30 Days to Hands on Play: Play Dough Exploration

Day 4 of the challenge came and went.  The theme was Pretend Islands and as much as I wanted to participate, I was lazy.  Rain, makes me extremely lazy.  I think partially because in southern California, we don't see too much rain, so when we do, I just want to cuddle with my kids and watch a good movie, which is what we did.

Day 5 was Play Dough Exploration.  We have a lot of store bought play dough, but I decided, since my son loves to cook, that part of the fun would be making play dough.  I have my own tried and true recipe (which I haven't made since I taught preschool, but it's sooooooo soft!), but since it involves a little longer in the kitchen, I decided to try the recipe Anna posted on The Imagination Tree site with her challenge (see the above link).  If you desire a gluten-free recipe, check out my No Flour Play Dough.  Anna's recipe was very quick.  Next time, I'll have to try a bit less salt to see if I can get it softer.  Even my regular recipe, I reduce the amount of salt by half.  But I did love Anna's recipe for the speed factor.  I've never made play dough so quickly!

Once the playdough was made, I set out a variety of items for my son and I to explore...
We had some pom pom balls, rocks, acorns, straws (different lengths), buttons, google eyes, and pipe cleaners.  
 Michael began by making a happy face.  Acorns for the eyes and nose, and upside-down google eyes
for the mouth.
I asked Michael if he could share some play dough with me and this is what he gave me!
 So I taught him about straw worms...
 He experimented with the pipe cleaners and straws...
 Which led him to discover that a pipe cleaner can also go through a hole in the play dough.  Pipe cleaners make better worms.
 I showed him how pom pom balls make cool prints!
Then Michael folded a bunch of items into the play dough.  I thought he was going to dig them out... 
instead, he covered the dough with acorns and decided he was done playing.  I packed up the dough into a ziploc but the items are still stuffed inside, even as I write.   

I had to include this video.  It's my son playing by pounding the acorns into the play dough.  As he does he creates sound effects.  I found it quite amusing.

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  1. I love all the different types of materials you provided for him to explore. Adding all those things makes play with play dough such a different experience.



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