Thursday, November 3, 2011

30 Days to Hands on Play: Block Building

Day 3 of the Hands on Play challenge sounded like with blocks!  Well, today, that was easier said then done....

We had a busy day running around getting the car looked at, library, new shoes, etc.  Once we got home, I cleaned the kitchen and told my kids that after dinner we could build with blocks together.  Well, my daughter took forever to do her homework, so she was out.  My son, was so tired he was whining and throwing tantrums.  I asked him what he wanted to make and he said, "a fish", so he laid out 3 blocks for the tail, then told me to finish it...
 So I made a fish...I guess...
 Then Michael became frustrated with SOMETHING, I don't remember what, and kicked the blocks around.  As suddenly as the tantrum came on, it stopped, and Michael said, "look I made a dog!"  My daughter thought I should post this picture and ask, "Do you see the dog?"  Well, do you?
So we put away the ABC blocks and pulled out the Mega Blocks.  With much frustration, Michael built a rocket ship, "because I never got to go in rocket ship yet."  
 Michael's rocket ship.
Finally, we kind of made this "castle" together.  I say "kind of" because I prompted it but Michael added, oh, maybe two blocks, then was off in his Michael world.  He had no interest in helping me.  

I tried, I really did.  But I learned that play, doesn't always go your way.  I finally listened to the cues; we put the blocks away and pulled out the one thing my son has been asking me to do ALL DAY...we battled each other on Skylanders, the kids' new Wii game. My son LOVES to play with me, especially when he beats me (I don't believe in letting kids win so he honestly beats me quite a bit when we battle together).   

On a side note, my son is sleeping in his fort again tonight.   


  1. This sounds like how most of my "planned" play activities go. My 2 year old is also going through a Mummy do it phase when it comes to anything that he finds a challenge or doesn't go his way

  2. FYI - I can't see the video, its set to private.

    We have those days too, ones with no cooperation for an activity and yes, you gotta just let it go. Great job mom.



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