Tuesday, November 8, 2011

30 Days to Hands on Play: Mega Floor Doodles

Day 7 of the Hands on Play challenge was Mega Floor Doodles.  I am blessed with a tiled entry way which is perfect for sliding in socks or drawing on the floor (on paper of course).  Forgetting I had some old bulletin board butcher paper floating around from my preschool teaching days, I improvised.  I pulled out my tin foil,  cut two large pieces, taped it to the tile, and placed permanent markers around for us doodle.

My daughter loves to draw so she dove right into the project, drawing each member of our family, including the dogs and cats.
Michael is the opposite.  He made a small scribble, had me help write his name (I held his hand, writing it "with" him), and said he was done.  
I drew Bob from Monsters vs Aliens
Since Michael was done doodling, it was time to torture his sister...
and spin on an office chair...
Finally he became interested again when I traced my hand.  But just to be different, Michael asked to have his foot traced.
Michael's foot
Then he wanted to trace his hand on top of my hand.  He said, "it looks like we're clapping."
Ariel traced her hand and foot, coloring both in using pink.  
Michael decided doodling wasn't so boring after all, so he drew a "cash register."  I think he said something about it being for our hands.

It was nice, pulling ourselves away from the T.V. to do something creative together.  It was simple and I know, we spent much longer then 15 minutes playing together.

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  1. I like the tin foil! It adds a very creative element to the play.



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