Saturday, September 3, 2011

F is for Fishing-A Teach Preschool Celebration

Today's post is in celebration of Deborah Stewart and the 20,000 likes her wonderful Teach Preschool Facebook page reached the other day.  Deborah is a talented teacher and blogger and her 20,000 likes have inspired all of us other early childhood bloggers to reach for the stars.  I am proud to be a part of her network and her celebration of The ABC's of Teaching Preschool

F is for Fishing
My friends daughter celebrated her 5th birthday with a fishing party at Crystal Pier in San Diego.  The kids fished, chased birds (and each other), ate snacks, and enjoyed front row seats to the capture of some interesting sea creatures (although none by us!)
We could hear and feel the waves crashing below the pier.  Michael decided to take a better look.  
The owner of the bait and tackle shop on the pier helped us place the proper weights and hooks onto our poles.  He also gave us some tips for pier fishing.  The chosen bait was shrimp.  The price for hooks, bait, and weights was only $6 for 4 poles!  No charge for the 3 min. pier fishing lesson. 
Ariel had fished before with my mom but this was Michael's first time.  He liked trying it out but didn't have the patience to stay with it for long.  
 Finally Ariel caught something!  The seaweed quickly became a plaything. 
 Then one of the other kids found some loooooonnnngggg seaweed, which was a lot more fun!
The guy next to us caught a lobster!  The youngest of our group said, "look mom, a spider!"  We loved watching it crawl backwards after it was set down.  Then the fisherman returned it to the ocean.  My daughter asked him why and he said, "it was too small".  Didn't look small to me! 
  Then he caught a crab!  This he kept.
After successfully loosing all 4 hooks, it was time to venture under the pier.  Lucky for us the tide was low revealing sea creatures like sand fleas (or sand crabs)....
 sea stars... 
and this squishy thing attached to seaweed (limpet?).  If you know what it is, please tell me!
What a wonderful adventure!  

Don't forget to check out the other letters of the alphabet celebrating Teach Preschool!  Just go to her site and scroll down to the link party!   

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  1. Now that is some great fishing! Thanks for joining our ABCs!!

  2. wow! soooo awesome! All the wonderful ideas.children would enjoy.....
    I really appreciate it.Thanks a lot...
    Preschools in Hyderabad

  3. What a beautiful post! A wonderful and exciting experience for all! My daughter would love to fish! We need to take her soon! Thanks for sharing!

  4. What a great experience! That looked like so much fun. :) Thank you for linking on LINK YOUR MESS! :)

  5. oh, wow - what an experience seeing those close up like that! :)

    Thanks for sharing on the Sunday Showcase & hope to see you again this week-

  6. Wow the fishing thing is awesome!Your pictures are incredible and I love the way you recollect such precious family time with food... Absolutely gorgeous. Thank you!

  7. I am always crazy for fishing, i have visited a hundred fishing blogs and i conclude now that this is the best!



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