Monday, September 19, 2011

Cooking with Kids: Applesauce

School is back in session and everybody is dusting off their apple themes for fall.  This year, I'm homeschooling my son so, I too, have had to brush off my teacher hat and figure out what the heck I'm going to do.  My son is not one for art, but he loves cooking, so I've made it a point to include several apple recipes in our homeschooling schedule.  Last week we started off easy and made one of my son's favorite foods...applesauce.

We used an extremely simple Applesauce recipe from  I love this website because you can change the serving size and with a click of a button, the recipe will recalculate your measurements.  I chose 1 serving for this project.  We had several apples to choose from; Michael chose a green one.    

We began by cutting our apple.  We used the apple slicer together, then I gave Michael a safety knife (otherwise known as a pumpkin carving knife) so he could try to cut the apples into chunks on his own.  Apple peel has a lot of nutrition, so I left it on.    
 Then we placed the apples into a pot and added the sugar and cinnamon.   
 Michael loves Sid the Science Kid.  There is an episode about heat and change where Sid's preschool class makes applesauce.  Michael remembered the kids trying to mash the apples before they are cooked and wanted to try it too.  He discovered they were too hard to mash.  We talked about how heat will change the apples, making them softer, and we'd try again after the apples had cooked.  Then I added a bit of water to the apples and turned the heat on.  
 Michael was excited when the liquid started boiling.  
 Once the apples were nice and soft, Michael mashed them. 
 I learned that when you choose to hand mash apples, it is a good idea to remove the skin.  Had I thrown the apples into a blender instead, leaving the peels on would have been OK.  
 Yum, yum, time to eat!  Michael enjoys his tasty creation (except the peel).

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  1. Audrey has just started enjoying to cook with me too! I want to start doing some home school activities with her soon too - colors, counting, letters, just basic stuff for now.

  2. I have never made applesauce (at least not as an adult) -- I wasn't sure what part the kids took take part in... looks like a wonderful tradition to do each fall.

  3. Fun! We have never made homemade applesauce. And I didn't realize you could change the serving size and have it recalculate on All Recipes. I use that website all the time.

    Thanks for sharing on Monday Madness!

  4. i haven't made applesauce. I should try it. I bet it was really fun for the kids.



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