Monday, May 16, 2011

Sunday Playtime

Like me, my kids are slow to move on the weekends. Even once the TV is turned off, they like to hang around the house for a bit rather then running off outside. This weekend was no exception:

Michael tried some new containers with his sensory material (green and yellow split peas, brown rice, and dry kidney beans mixed with plastic bugs, lizards, and snakes...which he's removed).  
 Here he uses a cornstarch tub to dump peas and beans into his dump truck.
 Now he is using a small flower pot as a scoop.  
 Time to dump it all back into the bin! 
Other recycled containers Michael enjoys when he plays with this mixture include measuring cups, yogurt containers, and a parmesan cheese shaker (which, next to the cornstarch tub, is his favorite!)      

Ariel declared it was her panda's birthday and decided to organize a parade with a royal procession.  Here she works on tying some of her dolls' vehicles to the panda's "carriage".  
 She works on lining up the procession just right for the parade down the hall.
 Ariel leads the parade by pulling the rocking horse, which pulls the panda's "carriage", which pulls a mini wagon, which pulls a doll carriage, which pulls her doll's golf cart, all full of party guests.  Whew!  Try saying that quickly!

You can check out her parade, complete with "music" below...

"Imagination is the seed of dreams.  Nurture it and you will harvest it's rewards."- Flavia

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  1. That quote by Flavia is gold! Loving the royal procession and all the playful learning engaged within :)



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