Monday, May 9, 2011

The Magic of Boxes

The cardboard box challenge from last week got me thinking about how much fun my kids have with something so simple.  We shop at a club store so boxes are a regular thing in our house, and my kids always, always find a use for them.  From stuffed animal beds to carousals, boxes are the most played with toys in our house.

    Ariel created this movie theater screen for stuffed animals.  The movie showing is Astro Boy, one of Michael's favorite movies.

Michael likes to be Iron Man.  This is one of his helmets.  When we were at the club store he said, "I want that box...I want to be Iron Man."  He also uses the boxes the milk comes in but there aren't any eye holes in he runs into the walls. 

 This was the best box we've ever had!  We had it for 6 months.  It was a playhouse, rocketship, and hideaway.  It often had pillows and blankets inside and Michael's favorite activity was to dive off the back of the couch into the box.  
 This is how he spied on us...

Michael had a great time with his box (check out the video above)!  We finally tossed it because it was falling apart from him diving into it all the time.  He was extremely disappointed.  

We also use boxes for marble painting, as paint palettes, for storage, and for building.  How do your children use boxes?

For some great ideas involving cardboard boxes check out Cardboard Box Challenge- Building a Carousal.  There you will find 24 different cardboard box activities!  

Check out these great books involving box play!


  1. I have always thought that kids sometimes play more and better with the box a toy came in than with a toy! I love big boxes and I love letting my kids go to town with any recycling materials.

  2. We are just discovering our love of cardboard boxes with our 15 month old. Just blogged about it a few days ago. Glad to see boxes will be a staple toy in our house for a few years to come!



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