Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Process Art for Groundhog Day

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Most kids like the idea of Groundhog idea; the idea that an animal can predict the coming of spring.  It's fun to think about and fun to "celebrate" at home or at school.  But when you search Pintrest for "Groundhog Day Activities" or "Groundhog Day Crafts" you find a lot of printables and fairly difficult craft projects that simply aren't appropriate for toddlers and young preschoolers.  I do love this Negative Art project from Tippy Toe Crafts, which is shadow-like, but still not process art.

Volunteering at The Duck Pond has many advantages.  One is being the large amount of arts and craft supplies the founder has collected over the years.  Being the artsy one in the group, I get to design the "make & take" projects used each week.  Working on February's projects, Groundhog Day stumped me.  We don't use printables at The Duck Pond and I'm trying to move our art towards more process and less craft, which is far more stimulating to the average 2 year old.  So I ventured into our supply room and pondered colors and materials that could represent Groundhog Day.  A simple yarn collage was the result.

I gave my daughter some supplies: various earthy shades of yarn, a piece of paper, and some glue.  My daughter, being a typical toddler, loves glue, and was immediately excited at the prospect of using more (she'd already done the weekly project earlier, which took a lot of glue).  She squeezed glue all over the paper and set out to piling the yarn on top of the glue.  I showed her that unless there is more glue, the piles of yarn won't stick.  She understood and spread things out a bit.

The beauty of this project is in it's simplicity.  Even young toddlers can explore the yarn and glue to create whatever they want.  If you are nervous about the amount of glue your child might use, then squirt some on the paper and allow your little one to add the yarn.  But I encourage you to let them do as much as possible, because that's the point of process art; it's not about the finished product, it's about exploring the materials and creating what the child desires.  Try to step back and give them the freedom to use their imaginations.

  1. Yarn (earthy tones if you want the Groundhog Day theme). Cut yarn into various lengths. 
  2. Half sheet of Construction Paper
  3. School Glue
Enjoy watching your child and feel free to share their finished projects on my Facebook Page.

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