Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Frozen Winter Sensory Bin

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Once upon a time I made a winter sensory bin for my son and our playgroup.  It included colored rice, epson salt, and snowflake confetti.  He had a lot of fun playing in it with friends and on his own.  When we moved on to another season, I stored the sensory material to be used at a later time.  Well, it's roughly 4 years later and my youngest is 3 and loves to make a mess.  Lucky for her, I came across my stash of sensory materials and pulled out the winter bag.  

Preschools often use large sand tables for sensory materials, rotating them throughout the year.  Of course many of us have sand and water tables being stored for warmer weather, but why wait when you can use it for all sorts of play, not just sand and water.  But if you want to do a sensory bin that is easily storable, table or floor friendly, and on the smaller side, shoe box sized storage bins are inexpensive online and at Target, roughly $2.00 a piece.  

The nice thing about this sensory bin is you can keep it simple with just the rice and epson salt and add in small cups or scoops, or you can add toys like Arctic animals or 
Frozen toy figures. My daughter received some Frozen characters for her birthday so it seemed like a natural fit.  I threw in some winter type animals too.

The toys were quickly disregarded as my daughter is a feeler; she was more interested and the texture and flow of the sensory material then the imagination side of the bin.

She quickly made a game of finding the snowflakes and sorting them out next to her.

Make your own Frozen winter themed sensory bin with these materials:
Be creative and have fun!   Don't forget to share your pictures with me on Facebook!



  1. My daughter would love this... must have a go at making it!!



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