Thursday, May 16, 2013

Playing with Nature on It's Playtime

Although the weather has been wacky EVERYWHERE, for most it's a great time of year to get outside and explore nature.  This week on It's Playtime I'm featuring two ways to include nature in your play and learning time.  

Kids pick flowers.  It is what it is, it'll never go away, deal with it.  Of course we don't want them rummaging around the neighbors flower beds but there are plenty of wild flowers to go around, especially those pesky dandelions.  What do you do with them after they've been shared with you?  Throw them? Stick them in your hair smearing dandelion goo all over (I've had to explain this to my son who insistis every flower he picks should go in my hair). Attempt to keep them in a vase?  There's never a vase small enough....until now.  The genius PlayDrMom shared how she created the perfect Upcycled Dandelion Vase to hold her child's treasured flowers.  It's easy and it's recycling!  DO IT!    

Do you have kids who love to cut EVERYTHING?  Do you have a lawn?  Check out how Raise a Boy uses Cutting Grass to develop fine motor skills.  Even if you don't have a lawn, it's easy to plant grass seeds; bring some nature indoors.  Your child will love this activity whether they are toddlers just learning to use scissors or 5 year olds practicing for Kindergarten.  

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