Thursday, August 25, 2011

It's Playtime: Keeping it Simple

As teachers, homeschoolers, and parents, sometimes art projects seem to get away from us.  We tend to turn them into a big ordeal, or maybe we don't do them at all because we're avoiding all the work. But process art projects SHOULD be easy.  When I taught preschool, my motto was, "if it takes more then 5 minuets to set up, then you are doing too much."  For process art, you should generally open a cupboard, assess your supplies, and put together a project in a snap.  Kids are easy.  Mess is good.  Keeping it simple is key!

This week on It's Playtime, I'm featuring blogs who kept it simple when it came to art.  Because as parents and teachers, who really has time to complicate things?  

What could be simpler then painting a rock?  Playful Learners shared how Decorating Beach Pebbles can turn from a fun beach activity to an easy art project at home.  I love the simplicity of opening an old magazine to catch the mess rather then spreading newspaper all around the table and floor!  

How about some Magic Painting?  "Magic?" you say, "how is that simple?"  Well who hasn't done crayon resist painting at least once in their lives?  I spent a good portion of my elementary school years painting underwater scenes and haunted houses at home simply because I LOVED crayon resist painting!  Well, why not try it in preschool?  That's just what Pre-school Play did and their kids loved it!  Their paintings may not have been full of fish and mermaids, but they certainly were magic...and simple!  

Creativity My Passion used a Toothbrush as a Paintbrush for their art!  Who doesn't have an old (bleach gets the germies out!) or extra toothbrush laying around?  And Esther went beyond the toothbrush by turning it over and trying Tongue Cleaner Stamping.  Two projects in one!  Check out her blog because from there, she used the toothbrush for several more projects as well.      

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  1. Great post! Definitely encouraged me to let my son paint. I'm kind of a paint-a-phobe/mess-a-phobe. :\

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  3. Thanks Rachelle for featuring our tooth brush post! We set aside a tooth brush for the art. We had fun doing them and very true about keeping the process art simple.

  4. Wow - what an amazing list of ideas! I think the simplest art project we tried was putting a few drops of food coloring on paper plates and letting the rain create art outside. No mess & the kids loved it.



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