Monday, April 25, 2011

Canvas Painting Exploration

One day, while digging through my garage, I found some art canvas.  Instead of holding onto it until I got around to filling it up, I decided it was time to allow the kids to create some permanent artwork.  Inspired by some fork-scrape painting over at The Imagination Tree I gave the kids various items to use in their creation. 

   Michael began by choosing his colors and squeezing a little onto the canvas.  Oh, and that "black eye" was face paint his sister had applied.

Valspar Paint had sent me a free sample which included this great roller (click the link for your free sample kit)!

Michael liked the design the dough cutter left when he rolled it through the paint.  

More color!

And more...

Then he tried scraping the paint with an old card. 

And stamping with a cork. 

Of course, we had to try a fork.  Michael chose to dab with it rather then scrap.

A plain, ol' brush was the last tool used.  

He decided to add a bit of sparkle before the paint dried.

A process art masterpiece!  

 My daughter chose a different approach.

Her painting continues to be a work in progress...

Art is not craft.  Art is about expression and exploration: exploring color, exploring media, and exploring application techniques.  How have your children explored art recently?  I'd love to hear about it!

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  1. I love Michael's painting, I need to get some more acrylics! My girls tend to do one thing over the whole page, it's great that he is experimenting with lots of different techniques.

  2. Looks like fun! Would Love to do this with my daughter!

  3. Where ya gonna hang them? In their rooms? That would be awesome to get the kids involved in their own room decor! Such a fun idea for permanent art. I love your statement at the end too.


  4. @Jamie, right now Michael's is hanging in my dining area along with the egg shell sculptures they did the same day. I plan to hang my daughters there too...if she ever finishes. Eventually they will end up in their rooms.

  5. Art is about exploring. I love the exploration with different thinks like the fork, cork, card, etc. I have to try this. I love the process and the product both. Thanks for sharing at my blog party.

  6. Love this and that he used soo many different things to paint with. I also like that your daughter's project is in progress. shows forethought and planning. Kid's are the best artist I know about.

  7. So FUN - there is just no other word for it! Well, except Messy but for kids Messy=FUN! :)

    So many wonderful ideas on your blog - please take a moment to link up on my new Kids Craft & Educational type linky party - The Sunday Showcase which just started today! It is going to be a weekly feature & I would love to ahve you particpate and share your ideas.

    Here is the direct link to link-up:

    The more wonderful ideas we share - the more inspiration we all have! :) I hope you can come link-up and "showcase" your amazing work!

    Bernadette - Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas



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