Thursday, April 7, 2011

Do Something! 4/2-4/8

 Here are my lists of favorites for this week.  Time to go and "do something!"

This week, in honor of "Let's G.O.! (Get Outside)" month, Outdoor Discovery.

Let's Get Dirty: Fun Mud Activites: National Wildlife Federation

Get Outdoors: 6 Things To Do With a Hula Hoop: Childhood 101

50 Outdoor Activities Your Children Will Love: Living and Learning

don't throw away your plastic plant pots: let the children play

Bubble "Snakes": Somewhat Simple

Wellie Boot Printing: The Imagination Tree

17 Tips For Making Your Backyard Wildlife Friendly on a Budget:

I hope you enjoy all these wonderful ideas and don't forget to grab your kids and "do something!"



  1. A fabulous collection! Get those kids outside! I love it

  2. Great post and thanks so much for the link love! I am really enjoying your blog, and all the links you are putting up on your facebook page.

    Today is the first day of school holidays here, and my goal for me and the boys these holidays is to get outside and do STUFF everyday.

  3. Wonderful collection! Thank you for including my post. :)

  4. Great links. Thanks so much for sharing those; a couple there I had not seen before. Can't wait to check them out.



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