Friday, March 18, 2011

I Ain't Gonna Paint No More!

I am a big believer in messy play.  I was the teacher who gave the kids a bunch of stuff to glue and paint without a smock or put flour in the sensory table for exploration.  The bigger the mess, the more fun kids are having, right?!  Well, a few years ago I purchased a set of books with audio CDs from Scholastic, with no knowledge of the titles they sent me.  In that set I found the book that fits me most, I Ain't Gonna Paint No More! (Ala Notable Children's Books. Younger Readers (Awards)).  I always wanted to create a lesson around it, so now I've got my own blog, that's exactly what I'm going to do!

Although you can purchase the book on it's own, I recommend the set with the audio CD.  The author, Karen Beaumont, has taken the song, "Ain't Gonna Rain No More" and has written a fabulous story to match the tune.  A childish voice sings the story on the CD.   

The synopsis of this story is a child who enjoys painting...just a little too much.  Through the use of rhyme the child paints each part of his body more colorfully then the last.  David Catrow illustrates this book with fun and flare.

Lesson Ideas    

Literacy: While reading (or listening) to the story, see if the children can guess what the next part of the body is by simply listening to the rhyme (i.e. "Well there ain't no harm if I paint my......arm...").  The audio CD does pause slightly before naming the body part to allow for this.  If your children are a bit older, see if they can think of other words to rhyme with the body parts.

Art: Provide the children with a set of face paints.  Let them paint their arms and legs (or the arms and legs of their friends).  If you are uncomfortable with this, trace their hand and arm on paper and let them decorate it how they choose.

Science: Rainbow Milk

Outdoor: Provide the children with large paint brushes, rollers, and water so they can "paint" outdoors.  Allow them to "paint" the sidewalk, building, play structure, bikes, etc.  Give them freedom to explore.

Math: Patterns One illustration in the book is of the child's leg painted like an "Easter Egg".
  •  Cut and laminate a "leg" shape (or an egg).  Design pattern pieces the children can place on the "leg" in the pattern of their choice.
  •  Provide pipe cleaners and beads for patterning.  Make a loop on one end of the pipe cleaner to prevent the beads from falling off.   
  • Make Fruit Loop Necklaces 
I hope you and your children enjoy this book as much as my preschoolers and I did.  Now that I am home, my son and I listen to this story on a regular basis.  It has become one of his favorites too.  

What lesson ideas do you have for this story?  Feel free to link and share!

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  1. I looooove this book!! so much fun to read aloud to a group of children! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Do you still have the cd? I would love to find it but I haven't had any lucky.

  3. I do have the CD! I bought it a couple of years ago through scholastic books; I'm sure they still carry it.

  4. I checked and they don't seem to have it. They have the book, but no cd. Any chance you'd be willing to copy it or upload the file?

  5. I had my library assistant pretend to paint me with imaginary paint but it was really real paint-the kids loved it-they didnt know if the should tell on him or not!!

    1. That is great! I can picture it now. Thanks for sharing that story with me.



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