Friday, March 25, 2011

Do Something! 3/19-3/25

I've decided to start a weekly favorites blog posting for all the wonderful activities and articles I come across each day.  Each week I'll post no more then 10 for your review in the hopes that you will take your kids and "do something!"

This week, let's pretend and explore:

Pretend Play- Science Lab: No Time for Flash Cards

Making a Play Garden: The Imagination Tree

Casa Maria's Creative Learning Zone Facebook photo album

 Make Mud Prints: Go Explore Nature

Can You Come Outside to Play?: Can You come Outside to Play?

The Tinkering Table: Irresistible Ideas for Play Based Learning


  1. Lovely! I started a favourites list a while ago but didn't keep it up. Maybe I will again as it's lovely to look at what others have been inspired to do! Thanks for including our little garden on your list :-)

  2. Thanks for including our Can You Come Outside to Play Challenge! I look forward to seeing all of your fun ideas in April!

  3. Thanks for sharing Sensory Play! We can wash our hands. We love getting messy.



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