Monday, January 17, 2011

Welcome and Why I Started This Blog....

I've been working with kids in different settings for over 15 years now.  As a former preschool teacher, my favorite activity was art.  I was never the kind of teacher who enjoyed using templates, but rather would allow my children to create art from whatever I could pull out of my...hat...that day.  To me, art is about the process of exploring materials and textures without the constant hounding of "don't put that there!"  It's about the entire creative process.  And if it doesn't "look" like anything, then that's O.K.  I was excited in my last year of preschool because the company that purchased us agreed with my way of thinking, and Process Art became the desired form to be displayed.  Although parents were confused by what their children were creating, often asking, "what is it?" the children were excited about getting messy and just being kids.

I've decided to start this blog with the hopes to reach out to other teachers and show them that templates are bad.  Get creative!  Look around your classroom and let it speak to you.  Worried about themes?  Not a problem, you'd be surprised with what you can come up with on a whim and make it work to your theme.  I am here to help!  Besides art, I'll also share ideas for sensory play and music and movement.  This is about fun.

If you have ideas, share them with me and I'll try them out, take pictures, and post.  Sharing is learning.  Join me on this adventure and if you like what I have to offer, then please, share my blog with others.

"Imagination is the seed of dreams.  Nurture it and you will harvest its rewards." - Flavia  

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