Monday, January 17, 2011

Never Underestimate Ceramic Animals

Most kids love to paint and although I'm more for free expression, sometimes with older children ceramics can have a special allure.  My daughter especially loves to paint little critters, like cats and horses.  Inexpensively purchased at a Michael's craft store or Wal-mart, these small ceramic statues are great to have lying around for rainy (or hot) days and even to share with friends.  Tempera paint can be used.  I allow my daughter to use my acrylic paints as I have them readily available.  I do recommend laying down paper on the table if you don't want it to get messy.  And please, don't squelch your child's creativity.  Let them paint how they choose with whatever colors they pick.  Gently suggest brush sizes appropriate for such an activity, as well as filling in the gaps, but if they choose not to do so, then let it be.  It's their creation, not yours.

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