Friday, February 8, 2013

Mommy & Me Book Club: Valentine's Day

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Last year I started a Mommy & Me Book Club for the moms in my Meetup group.  Shortly after, I found out I was pregnant and was extremely tired (for months and months and months and....).  So while I continued to host for a few months, I never shared the activities we enjoyed.  Lucky for me, one of them was a Valentine's Day themed play date and what do you's almost Valentine's Day!

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I made some terrific no cook play dough (Thank you The Imagination Tree!), colored it pink, and added glitter and Rose Oil .  It was smellerific!  I provided the kids with diamond beads, red stones, heart cupcake decorations, silk roses, and these pink hearts on a stick.  All of which I purchased at the dollar store, except the cupcake decorations which my grandmother gave me.

For art, I folded a TP roll in half, which creates a heart shape and gave the kids red paint.  The TP roll is long enough that this project can be fairly mess less.  Unless you have boys...or little ones that like sticking their fingers into the paint...or boys....did I mention boys?  We were lucky on this day though, the boys were occupied with wrestling.


  For snack I made Glitter Grapes.  Aren't they pretty?  And no added sugar!  Warning: this snack is as addictive as it is beautiful.    

Would you like to start a Mommy & Me Book Club with your friends?  Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

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