Wednesday, August 29, 2012

BabbaBox Review: Fun & Learning Delivered to Your Door

Occasionally I have the privilege of reviewing products.  I reviewed a great scrapbooking software back in February and I'll have another product review in the the next month or so.  It's a blogging perk that I enjoy.  I LOVE trying new products and sharing how I feel about them.  The BabbaBox by BabbaCo is no exception.  I was so excited to review this product I could hardly contain myself!  It fit fantastically with my blog plus I've developed and taught curriculum in the past, so I felt comfortable reviewing this product.  I wasn't disappointed!

We were so excited to get our BabbaBox in the mail.  It was like Christmas!  The theme for the month was "Sprouting Seeds".  The box included everything we needed to sprout and explore our own seeds, make flower pens, read and learn about seeds, plus a treat of yummy caramel chocolate (which being pregnant, I ate right away), and some coupons for babysitting sources and such.  It was quite the treasure trove.        
Amongst the crafts and science fun, was a Curious George book, actually two books in one.  My son, not being crafty, immediately grabbed the book to read.  He loves books!  After looking at it on his own, he asked me to sit and read the stories to him.  Both the stories related to seeds and planting, corresponding with the BabbaBox's theme.      

Once we sat down to play with our BabbaBox, my son became very interested.  We used one of the charts to do a quick review on parts of a plant.

After our plant review, we pulled out the "explore" pack.  It included a guide and a sturdy magnifying glass.  Michael loved looking at everything with the magnifier before checking out our seeds.  
 One of the "create" packs included a packet of herb seeds needed for both that project and the "explore" project.  I placed some of the seeds on a towel for my son and my daughter to examine.
The "explore" guide had a lovely picture of the different seeds in the packet along with the corresponding herb plant.  The kids sorted the seeds they wanted to grow in their own pots.

After sorting, they each got a small bowl to soak their seeds in before planting.

Both "create" projects came with enough supplies for two children.  For our planting project there were two pots, 4 dirt pellets, and a box of chalk.  The kids used the chalk to decorate their pots.

Once the seeds were ready, my daughter added two dirt pellets to each pot.  Then we added the water...
The kids loved watching the dirt "grow" until it filled the pot.  My son may have added a bit too much water...
Time to plant the seeds and place them in a sunny spot.  

The other "create" project in the BabbaBox were Flower Pens.  We pulled out that packet and the included scissors to get started.  The project included a guide, two silk flowers, two pens, two leaves, a vase, and green floral tape.  
 I had to start wrapping the tape for both the kids, but then they took over...
creating two unique flower pens.  My daughter has decided this is what she wants to make for Christmas gifts.

So now, what do I think?  I think the BabbaBox is a well thought-out product.  It has parents in mind who want to provide fun and educational activities to their children at home without all the work of downloading and "pinning" ideas, plus shopping for supplies.  This box can be spread out throughout the month or completed in a couple of days where a parent can add their own corresponding theme ideas.  I love that everything you need is included: the instructions, the supplies, reading material, and even a parental treat!  I didn't have to use anything of my own!

You can sign-up and join BabbaCo at anytime.  There are 3 great membership options to choose from; you can also give the box as a gift!  If you use the following code, you'll receive 20% off your first box: MK20OFF      

Don't forget to follow them on:

I hope you enjoy your BabbaBox as much as we did!  

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