Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ice Painting with Kool-Aid

Recently I shared our Kool-Aid Ice Play using frozen Kool-aid and paper towels to create some messy art and play.  Soon after that, my son asked to play with Kool-aid ice again.  I didn't have any cubes prepped so I took what we had and changed it up a bit.        

I placed a sheet of construction paper onto a cookie sheet.  My son loves orange so he always chooses that color.  Then we carefully sprinkled several colors of Kool-aid over the paper.  I let Michael help me with this as it's a good way to teach control.  

Then I gave him an ice cube.  He moved it around the page leaving wet and colorful trails as he did.  

But Kool-aid painting isn't just about what's on the paper.  It's the whole sensory experience!  He had to check out what was on the ice...
then of course he had to taste it...
and stick his fingers into the powder to taste that too.   

Once everything was touched and tasted, he was done.  For my son, as it is with many kids, especially boys, art is about the experience rather then the product (process art).  Michael could care less about what he created; for him it was all about playing and tasting ice and Kool-aid.    


  1. Awesome idea! I think my little one will give it a go tomorrow! Thanks for sharing!



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