Monday, July 25, 2011

Keeping Cool: Ice Excavation

Here in the U.S. it's summer.  We are all looking for ways to have fun with our little ones while keeping cool at the same time.  Recently, I had my play group over for some messy play, and since it was so hot, I decided to set up an ice sensory activity.

Here is what I did:

  1. Freeze water with small toys in ice trays and plastic containers (tupperware).  
  2. At playtime, empty ice into tubs, sensory table, or large bowls.  
  3. Provide children with droppers, basters, containers of colored water, spoons, and salt.  The salt speeds the melting process along and if you have large blocks of ice, it will also create cool crevices in the ice as it melts. 
  4. Stand back and watch the fun!  
What they are learning/developing:
  1. Exercising fine motor skills as they use the droppers
  2. Science: observing change
  3. Science: hypothesizing (especially if playing with friends)
  4. Math: volume
  5. Socialization & Cooperation (when working with friends) 
  6. Color mixing (blue water + red water= purple water!)
  7. Patience
Check out these other ice sensory ideas:
And look for more "Beat the Heat" ideas this week at hands on: as we grow! 

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  1. Thank you for linking up with the Carnival of Outdoor Play. What a fun way to keep cool on a sunny day :)

  2. nothing beats the heat better than some ice play!!! So fun!!!!! It looks like they had a wonderful time.

    Thanks for linking up to the Sunday Showcase - can't wait to see what other fun ideas you link up this week! See you tonight for an all new linky party!!


  3. In addition to Monday Kid Corner Weekly Linky Party, this week's theme is WATER. Brush off those archives and link them up at See you there! Jennifer



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