Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's Playtime: Creativity with Everyday Items

Sometimes as parents (and teachers) we want to do a project with our kids but feel we don't have the right tools.  The "I don't have this" or "I wish I had that" pops in our heads and we simply can't move past it.  I say, "KNOCK IT OFF!"  Creativity and inspiration comes when you least expect it.  Instead of being concerned with what you don't have, look around your house and make a list of what you DO have.  There is SOMETHING in your house that can inspire your children.  

When I was a teacher I was the Macgyver of teachers.  Sure I planned, but sometimes plans go array.  It was in those moments that I put together the best projects.  I never thought, "I wish I had...", instead I opened up the cupboards or surveyed the teachers' closet for what was available.  I could put together a fantastic art project in less then 5 minuets with whatever we had laying around.  And you can too!  Check out these great ideas from last weeks It's Playtime and see where inspiration takes you.

Cotton Ball Painting: Angelyn's Semi-Healthy Lifestyle  

Nail Polish Art: Housing a Forest

Mixing Colors with Shaving Cream: Play-Based Classroom

Honorable mention (no photo): Painting with Candy: Teach Mama

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  1. Thanks for the blog feature! I agree that a big part of doing creative projects is the ability to IMPROVISE! We don't always have the supplies we want, but there is always something you can whip out and make fabulous!

  2. Thanks for the feature! I look forward to seeing everyone's posts and get more ideas for me and my girls!!

  3. What a bunch of fun ideas that are collected here! I may be here all day looking through them:)



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