Thursday, October 30, 2014

Toddler Friendly Tattooed Pumpkins

It's the night before Halloween and maybe, just maybe you are looking for one more way to decorate your pumpkins.  Something that doesn't require paint, knives, glitter, or glue.  Something you can do with your little one, as well as an older child.  If you are, then I have the pumpkin decorating idea for you!

What you need:
  1. A pumpkin (smoother ones work best but minis work too, as you can see from my picture)
  2. Temporary tattoos of choice
  3. Paper towels or a wash cloth
  4. Water
If you've ever placed a temporary tattoo on your child, you know what to do, except place them on the pumpkin.  It's that easy.  If you've never used temporary tattoos, here's what to do

Pick out the tattoo you'd like to place on the pumpkin.  Depending on what you have, like a sheet of designs, you may have to cut around the one you want.  Others come as individuals or with perforations that allow for easy tearing.  Make sure you remove the plastic before placing it on the pumpkin. Place the picture side on the pumpkin with the paper backing facing towards you (see Picture below).
Get your wash cloth or paper towels wet.  Not dripping, but pretty wet, and place over the tattoo, holding it on for about 30 seconds.  Afterwards, carefully peel the paper away from the pumpkin's surface.  If you don't hold the wet cloth on long enough or are too quick to pull the tattoo paper away, some of the picture may tear away.  That's O.K,  you can always wipe the tattoo away and try again.  Or leave it as I did with my daughter.  She was proud to do it on her own so I let it be.  If the tattoo is bunched a bit, simply use your wet cloth to gently rub and flatten the tattoo.  And again, if your toddler is "helping" and proud of what they have done, it's O.K. to leave it as is.  It's about the experience, not the finished product.    

This project can take as long as you allow or as long as your toddler/preschooler is interested.  This was a great mommies group activity and while some of the kids chose to play (while their moms enjoyed pumpkin decorating) a few of the kids (my daughter included) couldn't put enough tattoos on their pumpkin.  Once the pumpkin had enough, my daughter moved to her arms.

Sometimes it's the simplest decorating ideas that inspire us the most.  I've been absent to the blogging world for about 2 years now but it's time for a return.  I hope I can continue to bring you fun and engaging activities for your children and family.  Thanks for joining me again!    

*This activity promotes fine motor skills and counting.  If you have different pumpkins in your house, you could also talk about differences/opposites: Large, small, smooth, bumpy, etc.


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