Monday, March 2, 2015

Easy Toddler Activity Inspired by The Cat in the Hat

This activity is incredibly simple, which for an active toddler, is perfect.  All you need is:
  • White paper
  • Red paper cut into strips
  • Glue (glue sticks are the easiest but white glue works fine too)
  • Q-tips (if using white glue)
You can easily use this activity as an invitation to create.  Place paper, strips, and glue on a table.  Invite your little one over and let them explore the materials.  I did show my daughter how to use the Q-tip to spread the glue on the strips because she's never experienced that direction before, but feel free to see what your child will do on their own.

That's it!  Simple and toddler friendly.  Plus it's an invitation to read The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss (or at least part of it because it's a long story).

Happy Birthday Theodore Geisel!


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