Sunday, September 11, 2011

Art in the Rain

On Labor Day, San Diego was given a special treat.  A rare, summer storm passed through our city bringing us thunder and rain.  Growing up, my parents and I spent many summer vacations in southern Texas where summer storms were common.  My great aunt and uncle have a house on the Guadeloupe River and my cousins and I would stare out the window over the river and watch the lighting.  When the lighting ceased, we would play in the warm rain, smelling the earthy smell that only rain can bring.  Here in San Diego, summer storms pass quickly bringing a couple rumbles of thunder, simply to announce it's arrival, and about 10 minuets of rain.  Our storm this past week lasted a little longer, mostly clouds and humidity, but a little rain on and off for about 24 hours.

The moment it started to rain, I checked for lighting, then grabbed my son and told him we were going to play outside; I knew we didn't have long.  Then the idea hit.  We would create art with the rain!  I'd seen rain painting on another blog months ago (I'm sorry, I don't remember whose it was) and had been waiting to try it.  I grabbed some white paper, dry Kool-Aid, and a popsicle holder, and ran outside to play.
We used the popsicle holder to house the various colors of Kool-Aid.  My son was able to grab pinches of the powder and sprinkle it onto his paper. 
Then he set the paper out in the rain.  The rain drops wet the powder creating a vibrant splatter pattern.  
Michel made a 2nd picture, this time he tried dumping the powder.  He was surprisingly careful.  
For the 3rd picture, we wet the paper first, then Michael finger painted with the Kool-Aid.  
 He dumped the remainder of the powder onto the paper which created little mounds for him to spread around.  
Now it's messy!
Of course he had to eat some of it!
Our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd paintings.

Michael became bored of painting and found some mud to enjoy.  So we turned that into art too!
I figured I might as well join him.
We made prints on the driveway as well.

As quickly as it appeared, the rain was gone.  But, we enjoyed a good 20 minuets outside together in the fresh, clean air.  Playing in the rain is good for the soul.

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  1. We love playing in the rain, too. You can see some of our rain art here: I'd love to add mud prints into the mix!

  2. i'm bookmarking this for our weather theme!

  3. We did something very similar with our garden hose and squirt guns for abstract expressionism! Thank you for sharing this on The Sunday Showcase! Following you back ;-)



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