Friday, July 8, 2011

Do Something! DIY Fun & Learning Toys

I know, I know...I haven't put out a Do Something! in a few weeks.  No excuses here; just laziness.  But... I'm glad I've waited because today's postings on Facebook brought me several additional DIY activities to include in my post today.

So run out to the recycle bin, take a trip to the craft store, and add a few items to your shopping list because it's time to get off the couch and Do Something!

Busy Baby Blocks: The Nature of Grace

How to Make a Walk-In Bubble: Toad Haven Homeschool

Wacky Wigs: Jellyfish Jelly

DIY Car Mat: Quirkymomma

Tabletop Easel: Ucreate (guest posting by Teach Preschool)

Magnetic Chalkboard Table: The Imagination Tree

DIY Light Tables: Child Central Station

Sprinkler Fun: Housing a Forest

FYI: I will be doing a future post specifically for light boxes because a few weeks ago everybody was going light box crazy!  If you have a light box idea please leave me a comment below so you will be included.  

Enjoy your weekend and I hope you and your kids enjoy creating your own fun toys!  Now go and Do Something!  

Need some supplies?


  1. I love them - thanks so much for sharing my two DIY posts!

  2. While any toy can offer the right value to a developing brain, there are different educational Learning toys for toddlers , which offer specific value to the children.



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