Monday, June 13, 2011

Toilet Art

Last week I had a play date at my house with my mom's group.  I planned it as a messy play date where the kids could make a mess and their parents wouldn't have to worry about cleaning up after them (although they did help me pick up all the toys around my house).  I planned some sensory play and window paint (a post to come later), but I couldn't figure out what process art project to include.  I thought about splat painting with balls or fly swatters, as I've seen several posts out there lately with these projects, so I went to the dollar store to gather some supplies.  While hunting for a fly swatter I ended up in the aisle with all the cleaning supplies: brushes, dusters, car wash sponges, and thought I was in art heaven.  Right then and there I changed my project.  I grabbed a toilet plunger and a toilet scrubber brush, plus some weird round sink scrubbers and decided they would be fun to paint with.  My son Michael, who was with me, coveted the plunger anyway, so was thrilled we were taking it home (why I'm not sure).

Later that evening, my daughter spots the toilet cleaning supplies and asks about them.  I told her we were painting with them the next day.  She laughs and says, "What are you doing, toilet art or something?"  I tell her, "yes, that is exactly what we are doing."  Her response, "Mom, that is so wrong!"

So I give you Toilet Art...
The kids loved the long handle on the toilet scrubber!

 The plunger was a popular item.  I should have purchased more then one.  The kids loved the long handle and the circles it created.  

She did not like getting paint on her fingers!  

 The sink scrubbers were less popular but made interesting designs, especially when the colors were mixed.  

My husband said the only problem with toilet art was when these kids went home and wanted to play with their own plungers and toilet scrubbers.  

While working at his computer my husband spotted Michael playing with a plunger out of the corner of his eye.  After freaking out a bit he realized it was the paint plunger, not the one from my daughter's bathroom!  

I was inspired by toilet plunger painting from another blog.  I am sorry that I didn't save the link.  If you think it was you, please let me know and leave a link and I will edit my post to include it.  

And thanks to Little Teacher Running who inspired my idea for the sink scrubbers with her post Painting with Floor Scrubs!  

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  1. Haha, that's hilarious! And a fantastic idea to use everyday objects to print and paint with! I love the huge circles from the plunger.

  2. Love it - especially the toilet plunger. Looks such good fun.

  3. Featured on this week's High paw post. :) Still love it! :)))

  4. This looks so fun, it's on my to do list - probably for next summer.

    Thanks for sharing this on Monday Madness - definitely made me smile big!

  5. i like this a lot. Toilet art is a perfect name, but the art is much better than that!

  6. This is right up my alley- I love it! It is awesome and hilarious! I agree, I have a tough time keeping my kids' hands off used toilet scrubbers and plungers- but I think they would make awesome painting apparati! haha! And the pictures show that they did! Well done!

  7. Great creative use of art materials!! I'll link you up to my blog hop list. Happy New Year!

  8. I never would have thought about using the brush and plunger to do artwork. What a great idea!

    Stopping from the Kid Blogger Hop! I am now following you on Facebook and Twitter.

  9. :-D Love this! Have pinned it!

  10. great idea, wasn't sure what to expect from the title!



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