Friday, April 22, 2011

Do Something! 4/22-4/28

This weeks Do Something! was inspired last night while reading the book Happy Easter by Kurt Wiese.  I decided to share my favorite egg dyeing techniques I have come across recently.  There were so many!  But I will keep it simple.

Egg Dyeing Using a Colander: Pink and Green Mama

Natural Egg Dyes: The Homeschool Classroom

Marbled Easter Eggs (wooden): Tot School

Rolled Easter Egg Painting (wooden): The Chocolate Muffin Tree & Tinkerlab

4 Egg Dyeing Techniques: hands on: as we grow

And of course when you are done collecting all your eggs, you need a way to eat them!


  1. The eggs you selected are wonderful! We dyed eggs earlier this week.

  2. Thanks! I am flattered. There are so many great ideas! I love the marbled wooden eggs... next year!

  3. Thanks so much for including The Homeschool Classroom! :)



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