Friday, June 3, 2011

Do Something! Flowers & Fairies

This Saturday is a big day for us!  It's the day my daughter and I look forward to the most every year.  It's time for the annual Fairy Festival held at Summer's Past Farms.  This will be our 6th year attending (3rd for my son) and we are as excited as the first year.  We get to dress up as fairies, picnic on the grass, run through a beautiful flower garden, and dance while bubbles float around us.  Even my son enjoys the time outdoors, running around with his sister and a bazillion other children.  It's the best FREE event we attend all year.

So in honor of our fairy spectacular weekend, this weeks Do Something! is all about flowers and fairies.  So flutter your wings, grab your kids, sprinkle them with fairy dust, and get out and Do Something!      

Rose Petal Fairy Perfume: The Imagination Tree

creating a fairy garden in a pot: let the children play

Make a Rose Garden Girl (Fairy) No-Sew Costume: Martha Stewart 

Butterfly Costume Wings (or fairy!): Alphamom
Painting with Cut Straws: Putti Prapancha

Flower Painting: Family Education Blogs

Butterfly Fairy Wand: No Time for Flash Cards

Scented Flower Petal Potions: Go Explore Nature

Playdough Planting: little learners lounge 

Backyard Fairies: Messy Kids

Some of you are probably thinking, "I have boys!  Boys don't do these things!"  I say, SURE THEY DO!  Go Explore Nature's post shows a boy making those potions!  My son assisted with our backyard fairy garden and boys love to paint with creative materials (like flowers) just as much as girls do!  Just because an activity involves flowers or fairies doesn't mean a boy won't enjoy it.  There is something here for everyone this week so grab your girls and/or your boys, pick an activity and Do Something!     


  1. All very fun ideas. I want to paint with flowers this week. I am sure my son will really love that! We also did the straw painting with my son. Boys like flowers just as much as girls!

  2. Yes - the boys DO enjoy fairies! We had a blast making our flower petal potions - the picking & stirring most of all. Now I'd like to try painting with flowers. Great roundup - thanks for including me!

  3. Love all the ideas!! We HAVE to paint with flowers, its a long pending to-do activity:) Thanks for the remainder.

    Thank you for including me.

  4. Thanks for including me! What a great collection of activities!

  5. I have put your "linky" button on my post- I've also just figured out that my timing is all off! I'll do another one to join up on Thursday- but for now, check it out... I think you'll like it- we've been playing at the beach and stalking sea turtles & finding sharks teeth!



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