Friday, May 27, 2011

Do Something! Learning Activities

Whose says learning can't take place on the weekends?  Not me!  I think if you have the right activity, children can be learning while playing.  So this weeks Do Something! is all about learning activities.  No pencil or calculator needed!

Science- Making Butter: Jada Roo Can Do  
Basic science activities involve change: making butter, making applesauce, etc.  These are hands-on activities where little ones can physically see change occur and be apart of the cause and effect of it all.  While making butter, your children can observe a liquid becoming a more solid mass.  They will observe the changing process as well as be involved in the cause of change. 

Math- Bug Jar Math Printables: PreKinders   
I know I don't promote many printables, but I like these.  Don't think of them as worksheets, but rather as a piece to a game.  Of course you need some Bug Counters but I think they are worth having in your home anyway.  These printables can be made for color sorting, type of bug, or counting.  Laminate them and you have something which can be used over and over.

Social Studies (Diversity)- Life Size Collage People: 4 Crazy Kings 
People are different: size, color, shape, hairstyle, etc.  Why not express those differences with these fantastic collage people?  Only one child?  No problem!  Try involving the adult family members, friends, or cousins.  Anything to show how each person is so different in the most beautiful way.  And I encourage you to allow the children involved to paint their people whatever colors they choose.  After all, part of what makes us all different is our self-expression! 

Fine Motor- Wool Webies and String Stars: Putti Prapancha
For little ones, fine motor skills are just as important as math and science because it leads the way to writing.  Lacing activities such as lacing cards or these string stars are a great way for children to relax and develop their fine motor skills.  As an added bonus, this activity is cheap and you are recycling!  

I've added a link to this entire site because I think it's fabulous!  This mommy and me group began a book club where they combine reading and preschool activities themed around the book(s) they are sharing.  The activities cover cooking, math, science, sensory, etc.  I'm working towards doing something similar with my mom's group.  Reading is so much better when reading with friends!  But even if you don't want to host a book club with your little one's friends, this site is a great resource for book-themed activities

The ideas have been place in front of you.  Now grab your kids because it's time to get off that couch and Do Something!      

Assorted Bug Counters - 144 Pieces
Assorted Bug Counters - 144 Pieces


  1. Thank you for including us! I love your website!

  2. Also...if you decide to start your own, make sure check out our getting started pages on the blog. There might be some useful info there for you. I would love to see the fun things your group does!

  3. Thanka so much!!!
    Jada roo can do

  4. Thanks for including us! I think we'll try the string stars. :-)

  5. Thank you for including us! I think I'll try making butter with putti, thats how butter is made at most homes back in India:)) I made them as a kid too.. Thanks for the reminder



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